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1L Domestic Paint Stripper

1L Domestic Paint Stripper


Diggers Paint Stripper Domestic Formulation is a low odour, biodegradable, methylene chloride free alternative that deeply penetrates and quickly lifts paint for easy removal.

Unlike Methlyene Chloride based paint strippers, Diggers Paint Stripper Domestic Formulation will not make the paint blister, but will gently soften the paint so that it can be scraped off.


Please note: The time required for full penetration of the stripper into the painted surface will depend on the the quality of the paint and the number of coats to be removed.

  • Typical Uses

    • Suitable for domestic, industrial, automotive and marine applications
    • Effective on oil and water based paints, acrylics, varnishes and epoxies
    • Timber, metal and masonry surfaces
    • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Features

    • Water wash-up
    • Biodegradable
    • Low odour
    • Gel formula for vertical surfaces (thixotropic)
    • Works in 30 minutes and stays wet for 24 hours – allows you to complete a whole project in a single application
    • Methylene chloride free – contains no flammable ingredients
    • Covers approximately 2m² per litre