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GEN2 Temp Twister Cooling/Heating Coil

GEN2 Temp Twister Cooling/Heating Coil


Do you want to use a glycol chiller to heat and cool your FermZilla, Kegmenter or other fermenter or bright tank?

This coil can be adapted to fit any fermenter or bright tank that has an opening of 110mm diameter or larger.

  • Specifications

    Coil Diameter x Height: 9.5cm x 68cm High

    Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Coil Thickness: 9.5mm OD (3/8")

    Coil Lenth: 6meters

    Heat Transfer: With this coil submersed in liquid it will be able to absorb more than 250watts

    If you want to shorten the arms on this cooling coil you can easily do this with the tube/pipe cutter that we stock.

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