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Mangrove Jacks M66 Hophead Ale Yeast - 10g

Mangrove Jacks M66 Hophead Ale Yeast - 10g


A yeast enzyme blend that enhances aromatics and esters, perfect for New England, hazy and fruit forward IPAs. Select enzymes improve aroma and flavour from late hop and fruit additions.

M66 Hophead Ale Yeast is suitable for New England IPAs, Juicy IPAs, Hazy IPAs, American IPAs, American Pale Ales and more.

  • Technical Information

    Attenuation: Medium (74-82 %)

    Flocculation: High (4/5)

    Usage Directions: Sprinkle contents directly onto a maximum of 23 L (6 US Gal) of wort. Suitable to ferment at 18-22°C (64-72°F).

    Storage Recommendations: Store below 10°C (50°F).

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