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Muntons "Simply The Zest" Lemon Radler

Muntons "Simply The Zest" Lemon Radler


Muntons Simply the Zest is a refreshing and zingy take on the classic Radler. Makes 20 litres of beer.

ABV approx (% vol.) - 3%

  • Additional Information

    Lemon Radler - Radler (meaning ‘cyclist’ in German) was a style invented in Deisenhofen, Germany back in June 1922. A local inn keeper created a bike-trail from nearby Munich to his tavern, attracting 13,000 cyclists in one day. To keep them safe on their trip back to the city, he brewed a low ABV, refreshing beer known as the Radler. In modern times, the Radler has become the perfect summer beer! This kit requires no additional fermentable sugar.

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