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15kg Millers Continental Premix

15kg Millers Continental Premix

PriceFrom $13.90

Millers Continental Premix is a premium bread premix specifically designed to produce consistent quality crusty and continental breads and rolls under diverse baking conditions.

  • Ingredients

    Wheat Flour [Includes Vitamins (Thiamin, Folate)], Semolina (Wheat), Iodised Salt, Gluten, Vegetable Oil (Antioxidant 306), Emulsifiers (472e), Flour Treatment Agent (300), Enzymes

    Contains: Wheat (Gluten) and Soy

    May be present: Eggs, Milk, Lupin, Barley, Rye, Poppy Seed, Oats, Sunflower Kernels

  • Recipe

    PLEASE NOTE: These weights and measurements are a guide only. The water ratio to mix could vary slightly.

    Continental Premix 480g 620g 770g
    Dried Yeast 8g 9g 12g
    Water 290g




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