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500ml Mezzie + Frank Hardy Clear Coat

500ml Mezzie + Frank Hardy Clear Coat


Hardy clear coat is an acrylic sealer and  is an alternative to waxing.  Our hardy coat is extremely durable and suitable for high traffic areas such as floors and table tops.  Applying correctly will result in a clear matte finish to protect your piece.

We recommend using a slica when painting with the clear coat to prevent rust occurring in the rim of the can and prolonging the life of the product.

Mezzie + Frank Clear Acrylic Sealer is a pure acrylic sealer suitable for application over mezzie + frank products to improve serviceability. Clear Acrylic sealer will change the appearance of the base material intensifying the colour and providing a low sheen finish.

  • Suitability & Preparation

    Mezzie + frank clear acrylic sealer is formulated for direct application to completely dry surfaces. Suitable for interior use only

  • Application

    Care should be taken when applying Clear Acrylic Sealer to eliminate dry lapping and re-working as these can cause milkiness in the finish. This is particularly important when over coating darker colours. This is done by thinning the first coat with 25% water and maintaining a wet edge across each surface. Application should be carried out without brushing back over any areas that may have started drying off.

    One or two coats should be applied by brush to a fully dry surface.   

    Allow a min 2 hours between coats

  • Coverage and Clean-Up

    Approx 9m2 over mezzie + frank chalk effects

    Wash brushes in water.

    Clear Acrylic Sealer is an alternative finish to waxing.

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