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Barbed Bronco/Picnic Party Tap

Barbed Bronco/Picnic Party Tap


This standard, black plastic hand held picnic tap is the first choice for many BBQs or university parties. Most commonly called a "picnic faucet” this simple to use beer tap comes with a 6mm Barb which will ideally suit 5mm ID beer line

  • Details

    Bronco / Picnic Party Taps are an inexpensive way to pour beer and great for portable light weight systems that you can take away with you.

    Beer Line Hack
    Often these taps are used where the tap is very close to the keg itself.  If you use a really short piece of 5mm ID this often doesnt give you enough flow resistance.  So a good little trick is to get some 5mm ID EVABarrier tubing and stretch the tubing and the diameter will shrink.  This will mean you still have the large diameter to join the tap and discconnect together but the middle of the beer line will have shrunk in size meaning it will give you a lot more flow resistance. You can see photos of this in the images for this product.

  • Note

    Black disconnect and beer line is sold separately.

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