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Brewtan B Finings

Brewtan B Finings

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Brewtan B is specially designed for early stage stabilisation of beer during mashing in or boiling.

  • Additional Information

    Brewtan B is a high molecular weight food grade tannic acid, specially for brewing applications. Specially designed for early stage stabilisition of beer during mashing in or boiling.

    Brewtan B is used to increase flavour stability when used in mashing in and an increase in colloidal stability when used in boiling. It can be used simultaneously in mashing and boiling.

    It claims to improve lautering performance by 30% with a higher extract quality.

    In the kettle, Brewtan B will increase colloidal stability as hot-break formation and whirlpool yield.

    Brewtan B is a 100% natural material extracted from renewable plant materials using dedicated and controlled production facilities. No added preservatives or additives are used in its production.

  • Dosage

    1.5 grams per 23 lt batch at mash in and 1.5 grams per 23 lt batch at 5 minutes from end of boil.

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