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Clearchem Calcium Increaser

Clearchem Calcium Increaser

PriceFrom $11.15

Increases the level of calcium and total hardness in water.

Active Constituent: 996gm/kg Calcium Chloride

  • Features & Benefits

    • Increases level of calcium in pool water
    • Raises total hardness in water
    • Promotes improved water balance
    • Assists in protecting pool equipment and helps prevent corrosion
    • Assists in protecting pool surfaces thus safeguarding their condition 
    • Prevents weakness in vinyl liners
    • Classified as Non-Dangerous goods for transport and storage purposes
  • Application

    • Product should be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water adding 2KG to 5 Litres of water
    • If more than 6KG is needed per 50,000 Litres of pool water dose separately and apply at least 12hrs apart
  • Dosage

    • 100GM will raise the Calcium Hardness by 10ppm per 10,000 Litres

    Dosage rates indicated are only a guide

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