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Clearchem Granular Pool Chlorine

Clearchem Granular Pool Chlorine

PriceFrom $26.95

Active constituent: 

700gm/kg present as Calcium Hypochlorite

  • Features & Benefits

    • Low residue, high quality granular non-stabilised pool sanitiser
    • High strength and therefore low dosage
    • Fast acting
    • Added calcium protects the surface of pebble and concrete pools
    • Nil effect on isocyanurate levels
    • Exact dosage easily obtained by hand dosing
    • Can be used for daily chlorination or shock treatment
  • Application

    • Mix in a bucket first then broadcast over entire pool surface
  • Dosage

    • Stabilised Pools: daily dose of 35GM per 10,000 Litres
    • Unstabilised Pools: daily dose of 70GM per 10,000 Litres

    Dosage rate are only a guide

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