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Malt Muncher - 3 Roller Grain Mill

Malt Muncher - 3 Roller Grain Mill


The Malt Muncher 3 Roller Grain Mill is specifically designed to give that extra crush when passing through. If you're after bigger grain hopper capacity and the ability to double crush to your exact specifications then this is perfect for you.

Just like the 2 Roller the 3 Roller has an adjustable roller, but only the third bottom one that does that refined crushing.

Approximately 5.5kg of hopper space.

  • Includes

    • Grain hopper
    • Manual Crank handle
    • 12mm crank shaft
    • Roller adjustment knobs
    • Reinforced chassis with pre aligned mounting holes for perfect stability if mounting to a board.
    • 12 TPI knurl to efficiently pull grain through rollers while leaving hull intact to form an excellent filter bed for sparging
  • Note

    These units have been designed for Malted Barley, Wheat & Rye. We do not take returns for mis-use outside of these parameters.

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