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Plastic Measuring Jugs - Food Grade

Plastic Measuring Jugs - Food Grade

PriceFrom $9.95

Great for measuring any liquid, whether it be water, spirits or chemicals.

See below for key features.

  • Features

    • A high-quality measuring jug that is specifically designed for measuring various liquids.
    • The jug has increased thickness in the walls to ensure durability and strength.
    • It features a sturdy handle with a finger grip and ample space to pour with control, even when wearing gloves.
    • The non-drip spout serves a dual purpose by allowing controlled pouring and minimizing splash back.
    • The jug incorporates extra space between the maximum measure and the top, reducing the likelihood of spills.
    • The graduations on the jug are permanently raised and printed in black, enabling quick visual measurements. They are presented in both millilitres and litres.
    • It is available in a diverse range of sizes, ranging from 250ml to 5 litres.

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