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Pure Distilling Copper Reflux Condenser

Pure Distilling Copper Reflux Condenser


Particularly suitable for Australian conditions. Supplied complete with the condenser, condenser packing pads, digital thermometer and fittings.

  • Features & Benefits

    93% alcohol and 97% yield

    Fast — Makes 13 bottles in about 4 hours.

    Pure — Delivers great tasting 93% alcohol with smooth flavour.

    Easy — Works straight out of the box. Automatic temperature control – virtually runs itself.

    Excellent Quality
    This is a commercial quality reflux distillation unit. It will produce spirit better than that which you buy at the bottle shop – guaranteed.

    The beauty of copper
    Not just elegant to look at copper provides a smoother taste by removing strong smelling sulphides. Major distilleries use copper for this reason.

    Guaranteed Easy
    It is very easy to use, comes with FULL instructions and everything you need to get started.

    5 Year Warranty
    Problems? No problem!  If anything goes wrong in the first 5 years of use (it shouldn’t – they are designed to last a lifetime), we will fix or replace it for you.

    Australian Owned and Manufactured
    All Pure Distilling condensers are 100% Australian made, and the company is 100% Australian owned.

  • Note - Please Read

    It is illegal to distill alcohol in Australia without a licence

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