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Theralux 15kg Essential Earth Minerals

Theralux 15kg Essential Earth Minerals


Experience the world’s purest mineral water in your own backyard. Drawing on the active cleansing properties of natural minerals, our gentle, odour-free formula nourishes the skin by actively maintaining the body’s moisture balance. Your skin feels fresh, radiant and hydrated after every swim.

  • Features

    • Moisturises and hydrates
    • Helps soothe and relax muscles
    • Naturally detoxifies body and mind
    • Increases water clarity
  • How to Convert Your Pool

    • Test and balance your pool water as you have always done using the same sanitiser, keeping within the standard parameters as per Australian Standards. Please note: if you are using a salt chlorinator you must maintain the TDS levels that are recommended by the products manufacturer. If you are using the Theralux Active™ Digital Chlorinator Pro, please ensure your TDS is at least 4000ppm or above.


    • Once you are within the parameters and you have the correct TDS levels maintained, simply add in 6kg per 10,000 litres of Theralux Active™ Essential Earth Minerals and top up the minerals every 5 to 6 months using 3kg per 10,000 litres. You may also check your mineral level by visiting your local Theralux Active™ Authorised Dealer. It’s that simple.

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