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Theralux Digital Chlorinator Pro

Theralux Digital Chlorinator Pro

PriceFrom $1,990.00

The Digital Chlorinator Pro will save you time, money and reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a cleaner and healthier pool. power supply, grade 1 titanium cell plates for longer life, pump protection, a low salt/mineral alarm, single-button shock dose with adjustable time settings, a 24-hour timer with multiple set points, and production control from 10% - 100%. You can set the Digital Chlorinator Pro to cater to your every need and relax in knowing your pool will remain crystal clear all year round. 

  • Features

    • Energy efficient switch mode power supply 
    • Single button shock treatment with variable run times
    • Slimline and lightweight power pack 
    • Heavy duty rubber inserts moulded into cell head for easy cell removal 
    • Low TDS for Freshwater taste and feel 
  • Size Guide

    • 25g - Up to 65,000L
    • 35g - Up to 100,000L


    Please note these size recommendations are a guide only. Factors such as usage, debris, sun exposure and more will also have an impact on your chlorinators performance.

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