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28g Haynes Food Grade Lubricant

28g Haynes Food Grade Lubricant


Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is a heavy duty sanitary lubricant with extended performance and low friction properties.

  • Details

    The lubricant minimises downtime, extends the life of moving parts and will not dry or gum on equipment. It cleans off equipment easily.

    This lubricant is NSF rated H-1 and all ingredients are FDA approved for food contact.  The product is also Kosher Certified.


    Suitable Industries:

    - Dairy
    - Bakery
    - Food
    - Catering
    - Meat
    - Cannery
    - Grocery
    - Restaurant
    - Beverage
    - Brewery
    - Cosmetic
    - Chemical

  • Features

    • Odour and taste free, beer safe 
    • Sanitary 
    • Non-toxic 
    • Food grade 
    • Will not effect beer head retention

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