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2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder - New(Full) or Exchange/Refill

2.6kg CO2 Gas Cylinder - New(Full) or Exchange/Refill

PriceFrom $35.00

Our 2.6Kg gas bottles come full. With a cylinder shut off valve this little tank can dispense up to 400 litres of beer. Up to 200L of carbonating and dispensing if used for homebrewing purposes.

  • Features

    • Australian Standard Approved
    • Holds 2.6kg of CO2 when full
    • Dimensions 47cm high x 14cm diameter
    • Black carry handle grip for easy of transport and protection of valve
  • Leak Testing

    We strongly suggest testing your connections prior to leaving the cylinder on.

    • Disconnect the gas side of your set up from your kegs.
    • Turn on the gas at the black valve
    • Turn the grey regulator clockwise until the low-pressure side reaches 40psi
    • Turn off the black valve at the top of the bottle.
    • Wait 2+ Hours (or leave overnight)
    • If the left and right pressure gauge on the regulator has dropped or is showing 0psi. Then it is safe to say you have a leak somewhere in the line. You will need to check all connections with soapy detergent water to locate the leak.
    • We recommend checking all clamped sections, or if you’re using push-in fittings, to ensure they’re not bending or being stretched as this will cause a micro leak.

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