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Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser

Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser

PriceFrom $28.50

AQUASPA™ SPA SANITISER is the heart of the AQUASPA™ CHLORINE-FREE SYSTEM and provides ongoing protection for you and your family against harmful bacteria in your spa.

  • Features

    • A true non-chlorine or bromine based sanitiser
    • Is ideal for allergy sufferers including those who suffer from asthma or sensitive skin
    • Is gentle on your skin and hair
    • Allows easy and economical maintenance of your spa with once-a-week dosing for normal conditions
    • Can be used with all types of spa finishes and equipment
    • Is compatible with Ozone generators
  • Dosage

    60ml once a week per 1000 litres (6ml per 100 litres)

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