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Benchtop Sanitiser

Benchtop Sanitiser

PriceFrom $2.47

Big Bubble's bench top sanitiser is a concentrated all-in-one solution designed for cleaning and sanitising surfaces in food preparation areas. This versatile cleaner is easy to use and provides a thorough clean, removing dirt, grime, and germs, leaving surfaces hygienic and ready for use. Its concentrated formula ensures that a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective solution for homes and businesses of all sizes.

  • How to Use

    • STANDARD - mix 10ml to 500ml of water.
    • HEAVY DUTY - mix 50ml to 500ml of water. Spray surface. Leave on for at least 2 minutes. For best effect leave on overnight. Wipe surface with damp cloth.
    • Can also be used as a DISINFECTANT - Mix 10ml to 2L of water.
  • SDS

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