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Daisy 525TC Titanium Cool Pool Cover

Daisy 525TC Titanium Cool Pool Cover

1 Square meter

Daisy Series 525 pool covers are top-of-the-range quality and are a premium choice for maximum durability.

With its industry-first Titanium range, Daisy has unlocked the next generation of non-heating pool covers. The unique reflective properties means the 525 Titanium Cool (525TC) will reflect the sun’s heat while not absorbing it into the pool cover material, so it transits virtual zero sunlight and heat into the water maintaining the pool water at approximately the same temperature as an uncovered pool.

  • Benefits

    • Save on water, up to 10,000L per month. Improves water retention.
    • Save on chemicals. Reduce salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
    • Save money. Higher quality. Better design. Lasts longer.
    • Save on cleaning. Helps keep out dirt and leaves.
    • Proudly Australian Made.
  • Warranty

    10 year Pro-rata Warranty.

    Daisy Pool Covers offer a 10 year, pro-rata warranty on the 525 Solar Pool Cover Range.

    In the unlikely circumstance that you do need to make a warranty claim, we’re here to help you.

    Contact Big Bubble for more information.

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