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Heavy Duty Truck Wash & Chassis Cleaner

Heavy Duty Truck Wash & Chassis Cleaner

PriceFrom $4.35

Big Bubble's Heavy Duty Truck Wash & Chassis Cleaner is a potent cleaning solution designed to tackle tough grime and dirt on trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. Formulated with Sodium Hydroxide, this cleaner is the strongest in the Big Bubble line of truck wash products, ensuring a deep and thorough clean. Ideal for professional truckers and fleet owners, this heavy-duty cleaner helps to maintain the appearance and functionality of large vehicles.

  • How to Use

    General Cleaning - Spray, brush or sponge on with solution mix of 5 to 1 or up to 20 to 1 dilution, then hose off. DO NOT leave on, will cause paint fade if left on painted surfaces.


    Can be used through a pressure washer or steam cleaner.


    DO NOT mix with other chemicals.

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