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Pet Care Disinfectant

Pet Care Disinfectant

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Pet Care Disinfectant by Big Bubble is a specially formulated solution that effectively cleans, disinfects and deodorizes pet areas including kennels, stables, cages, and artificial lawn in one go. Its unique formulation provides protection against bacteria and cross-infection for various pets such as cats, dogs, horses, and more. Additionally, the disinfectant comes with a pleasant Tutti Frutti (bubblegum) fragrance that leaves a fresh and clean scent in the treated area.

  • How to Use

    For effective use against bacteria on hard surfaces, remove all solids and debris before applying diluted solution. Use 5-10mL per litre of water. Rinse off with water after 5 minutes.

    Can be used neat or diluted to 50% for spot cleaning.

    Do not mix with other chemicals.

  • SDS

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